A “Buck Rogers” era food grinder?

It seems as though some companies may have copied the design features of Millers Falls. Here is a food chopper (No.62) from the Ebaloy Aluminum Casting Company (Illinois), who produced a number of different kitchen items including a lemon squeezer. Not the sleek lines, aluminum casting, and red plastic handle – a MF ring-in for sure!


Below in a picture of  the inner workings. It had a number of unique design features, not least of all that the side wall could be removed, I guess for easy clean-up without having to remove the auger. The auger is also graduated, and there is a drainage line to siphon off juices. A very space-like, streamlined design – or maybe more like a ray-gun?


P.S. I could find very little about the company – it seems like one of the smaller metal casting companies who produced consumer items for a period after WW2, then were bought out, or disappeared. There are a number of patents online for metal processing (1940s to mid 1950s), but very little else.


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