When I don’t like trees

I love working with wood – and I love trees. But there is a point when a tree threatens your abode that you just have to say enough is enough. We have a 70ft silver maple in the backyard, and a elm tree in the front (it’s a city tree). Add an ice storm – one of the worst Southern Ontario has seen. The result? The silver maple has lost a lot of its crown (thankfully due to dutiful trimming over the years the damage was mostly squashed plants). The elm tree – which has *not* been that healthy in the past few years – has had its canopy shredded. It managed to take out two power-lines and narrowly missed the neighbours car – he moved it not 5 minutes before. The city wants to “save it” because it’s an elm. I would prefer to have a safe house and plant 1000 trees somewhere else. Cities need to understand that large old trees can’t always be saved – and a tree shouldn’t be saved just because there are only a few left. Ironically an arborist spent four hours trimming dead wood from it last week – so it could have been worse. Thankfully the offending hazardous branches were trimmed today – after 48 hours of no power and worry about more power lines coming down.


Thick ice and freshly cut logs.


The elm tree after the “trimming”.

Special thanks to Toronto Hydro for working to get the city going again – we all appreciate it!

A Christmas to remember, that’s for sure. Need fire wood? There’s plenty lining the streets of Toronto.


One thought on “When I don’t like trees

  1. paul6000000 says:

    Came here from Lumberjocks to read about the stamped planes. Great looking blog – I’m looking forward to more stuff.

    A giant elm in our Bathurst/St.Clair backyard died from DED in the spring. It cost a fortune to have it removed (surrounded by garages) but if it had to go, it chose the perfect time to do it. Still miss it though.

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