Tools of the Trades wrap-up (March 2014)

A nice sunny Sunday morning to attend the Tools of the Trades show in Pickering, Ontario. I wasn’t in the market for much, except for some saw sharpening equipment. The show was busy, albeit maybe the fall show is better for the variety of tools due to the summer picking season. I managed to pick up all three pieces for the saw work – jointer, vise, and setter.  The saw vise is a Taylor & Forbes out of Guelph (just needs a little rust removal), the saw jointer a Disston, and the saw set a Stanley 42SS.



Then things get murkier, with a few block planes, some of which need a little work. I managed to find two Union block planes, a No.227 adjustable, and a No.138 knuckle joint lever block plane. The No.138 is similar to that shown in some catalogs (e.g. the Toolemera 1905 catalog), without the “Handi” finger depressions on the side, nor the nickel-plating on the knuckle joint lever. A model which predates 1905 maybe? The No.227 on the other hand, has a different lever cap – the one in the 1905 catalog has a thumb-screw based lever cap, this one has a lever cam – possibly signifying a later model.


I picked up a Stanley No.S18, the “unbreakable” version of the No.18 block plane. It has a cool adjustable mouth, which I will go into detail at a later date. Also a Stanley No.103. The No.103 is a Type 7 (1923-1935) according to this great type study on the No.103.


Finally, what appeared to be a mutant Stanley No.102, but may be a German block plane, 5″ in length, with the raised number 102 on the bed and the underside of the lever cap, maybe a Blosta? (a company of Carl Blombach).


Apart from that, a few hammer handles for $1.50 a piece, and some reproduction catalogs to help in the task of identification. But no really nice wooden planes.


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