A weird bronze plane

A very strange plane indeed. The MORIN is a French manufactured plane, of unknown maker. The plane is made of bronze (58mm × 300mm), with a handle made of Bakelite. Some versions of the plane make provision for a fence on the side of the plane, attached in the flush region between the front handle and pin holding the lever cap. There seem to be very few specimens of this plane, which had a block plane companion (50 × 173mm), also made of bronze, with an 18º blade incline.


The blade is held in place by an eccentric lever attached to the top of the handle, and a bolt on the lever cap, although it is difficult to ascertain what function this bolt performs. It seems as though the bolt should screw into the handle base, but there is no indication that this is the case. It is likely uses a specialized blade assembly. There is no frog for the blade to rest upon, and therefore is likely to be subject to some flexing to the the lack of rigidity. Whilst a beautiful looking plane, it seems to lack ergonomics and would likely be challenging to use.






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