A pineapple coring type gadget

Like I said before, occasionally tools from the kitchen make their way onto the blog. I’ll say it straight – I don’t particularly like “gadgets”, and I certainly don’t like kitchen gadgets. Do we really need a world full of strawberry hullers and banana slicers? But when someone buys you a gadget, I guess you just have to try it. The gadget in question is a pineapple corer. Coring a pineapple is not exactly hard with a serrated knife, but it is tedious – cutting out the eyelets, and removing the core. how does it work? After the top of the pineapple is cut off, the corer spirals down into the pineapple – made possible by an auger-like blade.


This achieves three things: (i) it separates the pineapple flesh from the skin; (ii) it cores the centre of the pineapple, and (iii) it spiral cuts the pineapple. The tool and pineapple can then be extracted, the handle removed, and the pineapple removed from the tool. How does it work? The result looks just like it came out of a can. You are left with a pineapple with the core and outer shell. There is likely some wastage on the outer shell, but this is offset by less wastage at the core.



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