Crazy prices for a coping saw

Sometimes when you browse eBay you can find some incredibly over-priced items. Recently there have been a rash of ads for Millers Falls No.42 coping saws. These ads just show how over-inflated the market is for some items. This Millers Falls No.42 coping saw is worth no-where near the first asking price of US299.98, let alone US399.99 or US$485.00. That and the item is hardly “rare” if three of them show up on an auction site. I bought three myself last year, and the most I paid was $25. *Maybe* if it were in pristine condition, still in its original box it would be scarce enough to warrant a price of $100-200. If you are a collector, you likely know better than to spend that much money on saws in “used” condition. If you’re buying it as a user – spend the money on a Knew Concepts coping saw instead. Rare does not always really mean rare, and just because a tool is stamped as patented in 1908 does *not* mean that’s when it was manufactured.


crazyMFsaw_eBay2 crazyMFsaw_eBay3


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