Tools of the Trades – Fall 2014 show roundup

There was excitement in the air, as usually precedes a tool show – but I have to say I was somewhat disappointed this show. It was probably because I didn’t exactly find anything truly bizarre or something that made me go “WOW”. I cruised   around the stalls for a couple of hours but ended up with a few block planes and a MF hand drill. Like always there were some tools in abundance – but seems like few were selling. This time I noticed quite a few vises – including vintage Record woodworking vises, and an abundance of Millers Falls hand drills. There were some reasonably nice infills, and a few Victor block planes that I had my eye on – but didn’t end up buying any. For the starter-collector/user there is always a lot of stuff.

Here are some snap-shots of the show.

ToT14_pics1 ToT14_pics2

I ended up buying four block planes: a Record 220, a Birmingham Plane Co. plane, a Keen Kutter K120, and a Stanley 120 (in excellent condition).


Stanley 120, Keen Kutter K120, Record 220, and Birmingham Plane Co. block planes

.. and a yet to be determined model Millers Falls hand drill. Oh and a very rusty Stanley 102 which was basically free when I bought the Keen Kutter – it will become fodder for the de-rusting experiments (which will progress soon).


The MF hand drill.




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