New vintage powered toys!

Sorry, posts have slowed down… lots in the works, but they need research done on them and I have been backlogged with work, and the travel blog. Still, things should pick up a little into December.

A few months back I bought a couple of vintage machines from one of the myriad of conscientious machinery restorers whose work can be found on the forums of Canadian Woodworking magazine. They take pieces of our collective past and restore them to working order. I was lucky enough to obtain both a Canadian Blower & Forge No.15 bench-top drill press built in Ontario, and a Beaver JP-3800 6-inch jointer, built by Beaver Power Tools of Guelph, Ontario.


Now I do own new tools – I have a couple of Festool tracksaw, & vacuum, a Bosch tablesaw and a Matika planer… however finding just the right sized machines is a challenge. You see my machinery “workshop” is my backyard… the shed stores the major machines, and I usually only work on major stuff outside when there isn’t any of that white stuff floating about (although I am tempted to get one of those shelters that can be dismantled). The jointer will go in the shed, and the drill press I will find a way of squeezing into my basement workshop. I may have to clean out some of the excess hand-tools. These machines are built like tanks, and due to their external motors, can be easily fixed (or replaced) if something goes wrong. I’ll get some pictures of them up in the next week. Hoping for a nice day next week, so I can run the planer in the backyard.



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