Upgrading the Canadian No.15 drill press

The Canadian No.15 “Blower & Forge”, drill press needed some work.

So, a few weeks back I bought a link belt from Lee Valley for the drill press. I love Lee Valley, but I do wish they had more information on some of the products they sell (not just Made in USA). It’s one of the red belts, apparently the PowerTwist Plus V-Belt made by Fenner Drives. Easy to link-in and adjust as needed.


The new link belt.

So I hooked it up to the drill press and turned it on. For about 10 seconds. Then a small bit of smoke came out of the motor. Now I hadn’t looked into the motor, but after the fact it does look kind-of grungy inside.


The old motor, and its inner wiring.

So the question was – have the motor refurbished, or buy a new one? From a safety and cost perspective, I decided to buy a new motor – but where would I find one? Ironically, Lee Valley again. They sell a ¼ HP,  1725 rpm, 115V, 5 amp motor with a ½” shaft – perfect. But as usual, no information online – so I dropped into the LV downtown and checked out the motor. Turns out to be a Marathon Electric Model No.5KH32DN5618MT. Basically I wanted to find out if the motor direction could be reversed – and it can.


The new motor

The motor comes with a power cord, and simple directions on the unit itself to modify it from CCW direction to CW direction, which should suit the drill press nicely. The current motor has a switch that allows reversal of direction, but I won’t be replacing that, as the drill press only really needs to go in one direction – sure it would be nice, but I can live without it.


Wiring for CCW rotation (left) versus CW rotation (right) – basically the red and black terminal are swapped.

The wiring is easily switched from CCW to CW by switching the red and black terminals. The wiring on the diagram (on the motor) is kind-of off, because the text describes switching it to CW rotation, but the diagram shows CW rotation. Oh, and does CW mean looking at the motor from the front, or from the back?  The wiring from the motor to the switch, and from the switch to the plug is all new rubber coated 12/3 wire – all new electrical boxes and hardware.


Wiring of the switch.

The only other thing missing? A key for the chuck. The chuck is a Jacobs Chuck 633D, and so I managed to find the right key from the Jacobs Chuck website, a K3C from Newman Tools Inc. in Stittsville, Ottawa. C$12.25 each, so I bought two.

P.S. For those interested in seeing how the power cable attaches to the terminals, I have included a photo below, however make sure to check your specific motor instructions.



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