Tools of the Trades spring ’15 wrap-up

So today was Tools of the Trades. A good show, with quite a few vendors – Brit guys were missing though. There was the usual bunch of stuff. I saw quite a few Millers Falls bench planes, lots of vises (some big ones too), and measuring tools. Sometimes it’s as though there are waves of tools, with every show having 2-3 tools in abundance. I wasn’t after anything uber specific. There were no wooden planes which really stood out, and the infills are always a mixed bag quality wise (and expensive). There were a couple of Victor block planes, but I just couldn’t fork out the $240+ for them (I’m eyeing a Veritas DX60). Maybe one day – just one of them.



Lots of planes, and chisels…


More tools…

What did I end up buying? Three block planes – no surprise there. The first is a Record No.230, with a knuckle lever cap. The second is a Stanley No.130 double-end block plane. I consider double-ends to be ugly ducklings, but I should have at least one in my collection.


The Record No.230, and the Stanley No.130

Lastly, an odd companion to my other BOSTON block plane, the BOSTON 2A. The vendor selling these had three of them (extremely odd) – and this was the nicest. These planes are completely aluminum – bar the blade. Oddities to be sure.


The Boston No.2A and together with its sibling the No.2



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