Vent backdrafting

Continuing on from my last post, I had a little gem arrive in the mail today. Both my bathroom vents have internal butterfly dampers which stop the cold air in winter backdrafting into the house. The dryer has never had a backdraft preventer except for the the insulated foam vent cover (EcoVent), which honestly never worked well. Metal butterfly backdraft mechanisms are just a recipe for lint build-up. Now that the vent cover has been replaced, I was looking for a backdraft preventer.

Enter the Cape Backdraft Damper from Tamarack Technologies. It apparently opens and closes with minimal airflow in either direction. The problem with other dampers is that in some way, most of them restrict airflow. That’s not the case here. The airflow from the dryer is the same as it was before the damper was installed.


The 4″ model fits snugly into the dryer vent, and is super easy to install – it took 1 minute tops. Air flows freely through the backdraft preventer with no fear of lint build-up. The real test? How much cold air will enter the dryer in the winter when it’s not running? I’ll get back to you on that. If it works well, I might just replace the butterfly backdraft preventers.


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