The house of the future

What would have happened if houses of the future had looked like this? Were there more dreamers in the 1950s? People were able to peer into the future and try and think beyond current ideas. Okay, so some of the ideas may have been a little far-fetched, but they represented a collective ideology of what the future could be. The reality is that the future of houses lies not in more intelligent houses, but rather houses that are better adapted to the climes they exist in. Houses in colder climates should be better adapted to those cold climates. The Swedes build extremely efficient houses with thick walls. In north America we build houses covered in stucco that look like garbage and are less efficient than we would like to think. Imagine, before installing drywall, actually covering the wall studs with OSB board first (or heaven forbid plywood)? Certainly would make hanging things on the wall easier. Sure it would be a small added cost, but at C$8.00 for a 7/16×4×8 sheet of OSB, it would be a minimal cost. But we don’t even think about such things. Want to reduce the effects of climate change? We don’t need intelligent thermostats, we need to think about smarter building techniques.


More cool stuff from the past at Modern Mechanix.



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