Tools of the Trades – fall roundup

It is true, that the more tools you collect for your workshop, the harder it becomes to find new things. So it was with TotTs this weekend. Whilst there were many things, there were few block planes of interest. I had hopes for a Victor, but the regular dealer had none, and the Birmingham I looked at wasn’t complete. There were the usual assortment of No.4’s and No.5’s from Stanley, Millers Falls, and the like… but even then there didn’t seem to be *that* many.


What tool was in abundance? Saws. A good assortment of handsaws from tenon to panel saws, ranging from $30 to $200. The lower end handsaws, often crosscut with thick brass spines sell from anywhere from $50-80, however all do need sharpening. There was one person selling refurbished saws, both crosscut and rip. Beautifully restored, well priced, and sharpened so that they cut through wood like it is butter.


What else? Seemed to be a lot of chisels about, including a few sets from Swedish brand, Eskilstuna.


And of course a whole lot of spokeshaves – of every sort imaginable.


What did I buy? I refurbished Disston D-8, a set of four Jorgensen 10″ wooden handscrews ($50 for all 4), a wonderful Millers Falls #1, cigar spokeshave, and a German book on woodworking and design. Posts to come.


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