Identifying German chisels

German chisels are somewhat rarer in north America than their Swedish cousins. But they do exist. Sometimes the hardest thing is finding information about the company that manufactured them. Take for example, the set of 8 HOPPE chisels I bought a while back. They were not expensive ($50?), and the steel seems quite good.



There are two markings, as shown below. The first identifies the brand as HOPPE on the top of the blade, the second (on the back) that it is manufactured in Germany. As they are not marked “West Germany”, I would guess they were manufactured before 1949. But in reality, I have been unable to find much information about this manufacturer.


The chisels are socket chisels,  9½-10″ in length with a ratio of steel:handle of of 2:1, i.e. their handles are very small, and as shown in the photo below, tends to fit completely into my hand.


The ends of the chisels are capped in leather.


There is a good resource on European chisels, Alte Beitel.



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