The best hand saw for renovation?

When working on renovations around the house, you need tools, but you may not necessarily want to use good woodworking saws for rough work, like cutting plywood, or even 2×4’s. An excellent alternative is what some call the “Japanese plywood saw”. This 240mm pull-saw, made by Japanese company GYOKUCHO, is the RAZORSAW No.S-410.


The saw is a cross-cut saw, with hardened teeth to deal with the glue found in plywood (17 tpi). It has a blade thickness of 0.6mm, and a tooth pitch of 1.5mm (most of this information is available on the blade itself). This is not a Japanese saw with delicate teeth – it is the workhorse of the toolbox. I have had one for years, and maybe replace the blade every 5 years.


Around the house it has cut plywood, MDO (medium density overlay), trim, it has  finished saw cuts, and even cut ABS pipe for plumbing. The teeth are impulse hardened to somewhere between Hv900-1200¹.


Now how does the saw cut? As well as can be expected from a saw designed to cut “rough”. Below is a cut through a piece of poplar, with a blade that is likely 6-7 years old.


¹Hv is the abbreviation for the Vickers Pyramid Number.Diamond has a Hv value of 10,000.


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