A well designed screwdriver for the workshop

A couple of years ago I bought a neat screwdriver, after reading about it on the Lost Art Press blog – the No.1 from Element’ary Design in England. The screwdriver is ergonomically designed, with handles made of beech, and finished with linseed oil, giving it a smooth surface.


Even the box the screwdriver comes in is well designed. I bought mine from Dyke & Dean, in the UK, but Hand-Eye Supply in the US also carry them.


The shape is perfectly designed to fit inside the palm of your hand. Also, due to the shape, it won’t roll off your workbench.


The screwdriver is kind-of unique, as it uses interchangeable bits – unique because normally interchangeable drivers are constructed of plastics.. It comes with six bits (two Phillips, two flat heads, two posi-drive), but will use any standard bit.


The chuck of the screwdriver contains an o-ring, which syncs with the groove found on many bits. In addition however, the screwdriver also has a screw chuck with a knurled grip  that helps lock down the bit. No fear of the bit dropping out, as often happens, even with magnetic bits.


There is also a stubby version of this screwdriver – the No.2.


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