Every nook and cranny

When you live in a small semi-detached house, space is a premium. I love watching those shows about “tiny” houses. The reality is we live in a small house, if not tiny.

To make a small house work requires two things. Regular purging of things that aren’t needed, and innovative storage. Innovative storage means turning every nook and cranny into storage space… inside and outside. Inside we have turned the attic into 120ft² of storage for seasonal shoes, coats, luggage, and Xmas things. Outside we have turned the area under the front porch into an 80 ft² “secondary shed”, for storing lesser used items. The closet doors in two of the bedrooms have been turned into door bookcases.


One of the more interesting things I have built is a bookshelf under the base of the upper stairs, accessed from the basement stairs. From the top of the stairs it looks like a framed picture, but it provides a well-positioned cookbook shelf, with a 20″ deep cavity.



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