An interesting modified bench vise

In Francis Young’s book, “Every Man His Own Mechanic“, he included an Appendix which contained interesting new tools and devices. This vise offers an interesting modification to traditional vises. As discussed by Young:

“Instead of having the edge of the top plank to come level with the face of the bench, to let it project out about two inches: the recess thus formed being out of your way, would enable you to plane timber up better edgewise by not catching up against the side of the bench. It would enable to you cramp anything to the bench by the projecting ledge; it would enable you to hang anything up in the recess thus formed underneath; and, lastly, it would enable you much better to shoot up straight the front edge of your bench”


Here A represents the nut for the bench screw, which in this instance s placed in front of the bench leg, B, secured to the leg by through bolts. The normal position of course is to the rear of the bench leg, as shown by the dotted lines at C. The “making-up” piece, between the top of the bench, K, and the nut A, is shown in section at L. This bench uses a loose vise-leg, F, to hold the bench screw, with H denoting the “gripping piece” which is attached to the vise-leg on the inside, and extends above the top of the leg-vise ( the top of H could of course be flush with the top of F). The head of the bench screw is shown at G.Two bench stops are shown at D and E.



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