Tools of the Trades, April 2016: show roundup

The show was busy this time, with a surge of people shortly after opening. The usual vendors were present, with a good collection of tools. The prominent item was vices of all sorts, including one vendor who was selling only vices (mostly machine-shop vices).


There was a good selection of Stanley and some Record planes, with the some more unusual wooden planes from Marples. One of the sellers had a nice selection of vintage Japanese saws, planes and hammers (with the appropriate hefty price tags).  There were also quite a lot of Eskilstuna Swedish chisel sets.


It’s a great place to find a starter set of woodworking tools, for a reasonable price. What did I buy? Not much it seems. I was looking for a basic carving set, and managed to find a Henry Taylor set of carving chisels (13 of them), for C$200 (likely 1/3 their actual cost). I also picked up a Brown and Sharpe combination square, something I have also wanted for a while. I likely have enough planes, chisels, and the like in my workshop. It’s the interesting things I’m looking for… the vintage bench stop, the really unique block plane (in good condition).



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