A sander from Festool…

So I broke down and bought my 4th Festool product (well 5th if you count the work table). I have been pondering a sander for a while – I know, sanding is not the ideal finish for furniture, but this sander is going to help me finish the 101 renovation projects I have to finish around the house. Finish sanding of the walnut shelving for the bathroom, sanding the coffered ceiling in the library, sanding the pine wall I am going to install behind the bed in the bedroom, and sanding the cedar fence so I can stain it. What sander would do all that?


The Festool Rotex 125 – a sander that does both rough and fine sanding. It is by no means inexpensive, no Festool product is, but they are super well engineered. This unique sander is not like those other low-powered beasts, it is dual-mode, using a gear-driven aggressive mode for removing stock rapidly, and a random orbit mode for fine sanding.


I bought it at my usual power tool hub: Atlas Machinery in downtown Toronto. I could have opted for the 6″ RO150, (Atlas do sell more of those), but it seemed like too much machine for my needs… versus the RO90 which although has a cool interchangeable triangular pad, may be too little machine, especially on large surfaces. I had considered the RTS 400 EQ for some time as a nice little finishing sander, but it just didn’t seem to have the versatility I am looked for. Besides which the RO125 also doubles as a polisher which will come in handy. The ability to use abrasives as high as 4000 for finishing surfaces is also pretty cool.

I’ll review its performance in a future post, once I start sanding things this summer.



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