Renovation must have tool

So, I don’t particularly like technology, and thankfully power tools haven’t gone all gadgety like so many other things. Having been renovating my house for a *long* time, I have learnt a lot of lessons along the way. For instance, having a planer to reshape trim boards has been fantastic. Why buy more expensive ½” think boards, when I can mill them to my own specs?

Another must-have? A laser measure. Yes, at $100 it may seem like a luxury item, but when you’re measuring for 12-odd foot long mouldings, or sizing rooms, even for outside work, it (a) doesn’t bend like tape measures do, and (b) is *UBER* accurate. It really shines in places where you’re trying to measure between two things… tape measures just don’t give an accurate read. It also calculates area, and volume, which is cool, and is light. I installed some “art deco” crown moulding yesterday, and the laser measure made it extremely easy to measure.



2 thoughts on “Renovation must have tool

  1. Krafty Fix says:

    Interesting point about milling your on trim boards rather than buying the right sized ones. Does this definitely work out cheaper overall when you consider the time factor?

    • spqr says:

      Definitely, especially if they are non-standard widths. Besides which “standard” boards never really seem to be the same width anymore, one or two are always 1/16″ – 1/8″ off. I wouldn’t do it for a full house, but for a room full of trim it works just great.

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