Hanging a *heavy* mirror

As much as the internet is full of “data”, when you really need something, it often can’t be found. Take for example the simple task of hanging a mirror. Not just any mirror of course – a mid-century mirror made with solid teak, and quite heavy (well, 25 lbs). So I could have used D-rings, and a heavy gauge wire, but honestly I don’t know if this would really have worked well (note that when using D-rings, each D-ring should have its own hook in the wall). If using wire, I would probably have gone with something more akin to the “Super Steel Hanger”. Too many options it seems, but few resources for dealing with hanging really heavy objects. I could have also hung it from the top off the frame, but it seemed more prudent to have the weight of the frame anchored from the sides.

So the wall material is of course another matter, but I am dealing with the best kind of wall – solid brick (obviously hanging in wooden studs is okay too). I have hung a bunch of things from this wall, and I always go back to a tried and true method.  Tapcon screws? No, unless hidden they are unsightly. No, the best way to anchor anything in a solid wall is using ½” dowel. First I drill a ½” wide, 1½” to 2″ deep hole in the wall where I want the hook (or whatever device) to go. Then I cut a piece of ½” dowel slightly longer than the hole, and epoxy it into the hole. Now there is a solid “plug” to use a normal screw (I usually use 1″ pan-head stainless steel screws). For this mirror, I put three plugs in the wall.


To these plus, I attach an extruded aluminum Z-clip strip, the width of the mirror. One piece goes on the wall, the mating piece on the back of the mirror.


And now with the hardware attached, and the mirror on the wall!


P.S. Getting rid of the plugs later is easy too… just use a brad-point ½” drill to drill 1/4″ into the dowel, and cover with plaster – gone!

A good guide to wires, hardware, etc. can be found here.


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