Easy Art Deco style crown moulding

One of the things you soon come to realize with a house is that no room is square. This is particularly true of old houses, but also of new builds. Every corner might be a couple of degrees out of whack. Now in an old house, add 90+ years of settle, and ceilings aren’t exactly flat either. So when it comes to putting up crown moulding it can be a NIGHTMARE. I’ve done it once with a typical curved moulding in my dining room… but I never really liked the moulding. It always seemed too blah. So I ripped it out, and replaced it this week with an Art Deco inspired moulding, and by was it ever easy. The trick to this moulding is that it is layers of 1″ (¾”)  thick poplar board, giving the crown moulding a step-edge  effect.


The best thing is that there is no need to calculate angles for horrific mitres in the corners.


The only issue is that the dining room ceiling is slightly warped, so I will have to deal with some moulding to ceiling gaps, but when all said and done, I am incredibly happy with the results. Here is the template for the moulding.


P.S. The red walls are disappearing soon, being painted a light Scandinavian style white.


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