A Birmingham No.102 block plane

So I bought three planes from one of my favourite purveyors of fine tools Antiques of a Mechanical Nature. One was a plane from the Birmingham Plane Co. which operated from 1885-1900 in Birmingham, Connecticut (see previous post for more information on Birmingham planes). This is a Birmingham No.102, which is recognizable by the characteristic splayed, and curved side walls of the plane body. It is very similar to the unmarked Birmingham block plane discussed previously.


The plane uses a pivoting lever to allow for depth adjustment of the blade, and a unique under-mounted cam lever to keep the lever cap, and blade in place.


This plane was obviously well used, as the blade has been well worn down, although it still sports the signature “BPLANE” markings. The teeth on the pivot lever are also worn, one of the caveats of this design.


This is the same as the block plane I talked about in the post on Birmingham Plane Co. planes. The only difference being the level cap, which in that case is of the screw-down variety, which would likely place this as an earlier variant.


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