A cool blanket chest

Out and about last Saturday at the Christie Antique & Vintage Show, looking for mid-century stuff, but there was really only a bunch of side-boards. Always a *lot* of vintage pine furniture, especially chest of drawers, and chests, some in good condition, others which have been way too over-varnished. Looking for a chest for my wife’s yarn, and those that stink of varnish just won’t do. But we did end up buying a cool chest made by the Lane Company, of Virginia. However the chest itself was made in Canada by Knechtels Limited.


At sixty years old, it was like it had never been used. It has a unique push-to-open-lock, which does not open from the inside (i.e. not a safety lock), and was actually replaced in 1987. Apparently during the 89  years the chests were manufactured, the company produced approximately 12 million of them, in many different styles: Art Deco, Chippendale, Mid-Century Modern and Danish Modern. This one is Model No. 9571, and seems to identify in the Danish Modern period.


The interesting thing about these chests is the fact that they were advertised as “The Only Tested Aroma-tight Cedar Chest in the World”. In the floor of the chest there is actually a plug where they performed a pressure test. The chests also came with a “moth protection guarantee”.


The chest is constructed of ¾” red cedar, with a veneer of mahogany. It features a tilting tray, and the chest walls are constructed using a lock-mitre joint.


Lane Furniture is still a functioning company, and those with the more dangerous lock can have it replaced with a safety lock for free on their website.




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