Tools of the Trades – Fall 2016 review

The first two hours of the tool show are always busy, like swarming bees, tool aficionados looking for good deals. Plenty on offer again, depending on your tasks. Quite a large assortment of vises, of many sorts, including Record, and pattern makers vises.


Also very popular this show was Swedish chisels, often in complete sets – not for the faint-of-heart though, as they are quite expensive (but still likely cheaper, and in better condition than you will find anywhere).


Vintage and newer Japanese tools, especially planes. Very nice looking tools, but extremely expensive.


Lots of hammers as well.


The usual assortment of planes, planes and more planes. Have to say, some were a bargain. One dealer had an assortment of No.4s to No.7s on sale from $40-$100. Easy to pick up a set of 3 planes for $200 – excellent value.


And of course the usual assortment of the tools. I was looking for a frame saw, which I had no success with. I did end up with a couple of rasps (which are hard to find, large because they are often recycled into other tools), a couple of chisels (one of them the Beaver in the previous post), and two Stanley block planes.




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