Stanley vs. Veritas block planes

Surprisingly, another block plane possesses  elements of the No.60½A  – and it is manufactured by Veritas – the Standard block plane. Look similar? There are two notable aspects of the similarity. One is the use of the circular “Hand-y”, although this was not unique to Stanley. The Ohio Tool Co. first introduced the use of circular depressions in the side of the planes body, in complete contrast to Stanley’s elliptical Hand-y. The second aspect is the body itself, which has a very similar profile.


The Stanley 60½A versus the Veritas Standard block plane

It was easy for Veritas to adopt the circular Hand-y, as the Stanley patent filed in 1979 made no mention of the use of a circular depression, and nor could they considering they were not the first to use it. Not did they patent the peculiar shape of the plane.


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