Block plane throat adjustment mechanisms (iii) – contemporary

In contemporary planes, such as those of Veritas and Lie Nielsen, there are no radical changes to throat adjustment mechanisms. Some Veritas block planes have stuck with the simplest mechanism akin to that used by Tower & Lyon – no lever, just manual adjustment via the knob. LN on the other hand, have maintained the eccentric lever of Stanley on their No.60½, except that it is made of brass.


Veritas (DX60) versus Lie Nielsen (No.60½)

More interesting is the fact that Veritas (on the DX60 and NX60) have enclosed the sled entirely within the toe of the plane, so there is no chance that the sled get caught on anything. The Veritas standard and low-angle block planes have the traditional projecting sled. The knob on both these planes is also almost streamlined with the toe of the plane.


Veritas (DX60) sole showing integral throat plate, and adjustable throat plate of the Veritas bevel-up jointer

More “radical” is that Veritas has adopted the throat adjustment lever to some of its bench planes. The picture above shows the adjustable throat plate Veritas bevel-up jointer plane.


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