What’s with Lee Valley?

I love Lee Valley, always have. But lately there seem to be some strange things going on. First there’s a lot of Festool, which is nice. Then there is the foray into Rikon workshop machinery. All good. But today I went in to buy a JessEm dowel jig in the downtown TO store. I also wanted to buy some dowel pins… but guess what? They had none. Nada, zip. No product page on the website unless you search for them… then the webpage says “These products are no longer available.”. NO dowel pins. They sell at least three dowel jigs, but no dowels? Maybe they plan to have a new supplier soon. Who knows? But not having any stock in store, or no ability to buy online means going elsewhere.

So if you are looking for dowel pins in Canada, I suggest JustJoinery in Ontarrio, or Bear Woods.

Now the next saga… finding a Swedish carving axe in Canada!
– going to buy one from Bushcraft Canada



3 thoughts on “What’s with Lee Valley?

  1. accidentalwoodworker says:

    Looks like the son is venturing into power tools now that the father has passed on. But then again you are the lucky one who can actually go into a brick and mortar store. All my shopping is done via the catalog and the website.

    • spqr says:

      Well, it looks like the company has disappeared! Will follow up with an email to see if they are still around. Kind-of weird. Good news though, Lee Valley is once again carrying them. Birch imperial, and beech metric dowels. Thanks for the comment. Sad to see them disappear.

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