The FeatherPro featherboard

I had been eyeing this featherboard for a while now… the FeatherPro, and I bought it a couple of months back when Lee Valley started to carry it. Now I have used some of the other feather-boards – you know the ones, all plastic feathers? Problem with some of those is that you often can’t adjust them close enough to the blade, or the tightening knobs are hard to use. Even worse, you have a portable tablesaw like me, and sometime no matter how hard you tighten them, they slide.

Well, the FeatherPro is a different animal altogether. I used it recently to run through some T&G cedar boards to nix the T&G (change in projected use). I ran through 20 8-foot boards, and this featherboard was truly excellent. It was easy to install, and the knobs allow for a good bit of torque without any effort – meaning that the unit doe not slip.

The “feathers” are made of hardened foam, and compress the wood nicely – flexible yet strong, but not rigid like the normal featherboards. In fact the rigid plastic or wooden feathers often hamper board movement. They provide excellent anti-kickback coverage, and are available in two densities: regular and light feathers, and are replaceable.

An extremely well-designed and engineered product – well worth purchasing. Here are a couple of reviews if anyone is interested:


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