Reclaiming wood

Do we do enough to recycle wood from old houses, or is it easier to just dump it in a landfill? I see a lot of houses in my neighbourhood that are renovated, and the true 2″×4″ pieces of lumber are thrown into a dumpster. Kudos to those companies that reclaim the wood from larger buildings, but we ultimately need to do a better job reclaiming the wood from smaller buildings, and municipalities need to do a better job requiring construction waste to be sorted properly.

Did splines pre-date tongue-and-groove in flooring?


One thought on “Reclaiming wood

  1. paul6000000 says:

    I’m not sure about reclaiming the 2x4s. Nearly every one I’ve seen had rows of nails running down the sides for fastening the wooden lathe. Even if you invested the time to pull them out, I’d expect a few to break off below the surface. I’ve used them for rough work around the garden but wouldn’t go near them with my nicer tools.

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