Pencil sharpeners are tools too!

When we think of tools, sometimes we forget about the really small ones! Mechanical pencils with 0.5mm leads are okay, but aren’t that well suited to everyday (fine) woodworking. Old-fashioned wooden pencils though are perfect for the job, provided they are kept sharp – and that’s the job of the sharpener. But not any old sharpener… cool ones made of aluminum and brass from Germany!


3 thoughts on “Pencil sharpeners are tools too!

  1. Salko Safic says:

    I beg to differ. Why do you believe that a .5mm mechanical pencil isn’t suited for woodworking? I use them all the time to get into those knife lines and for general marking out when I don’t need to use a marking knife. I found that ordinary pencils are too thick and blunt after a couple of strokes.

    • spqr says:

      For general/fine marking out they work extremely well, but I find when you have to lay out a long line on a piece of plywood, or marking a piece of trim, they are just too fine, and are apt to break off. I just think they are too fine for some jobs. Now laying out dovetails, and cabinetry work, I think they excel at.

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