Why I “dislike” 45 degree mitres

Re-doing some of the baseboard trim in the basement, I decided to go with a 1×8 poplar baseboard (really 7¼ × ¾). Weird yes, because it’s not *really* a moulded baseboard. But it goes well down in the basement, and doesn’t seem out of place. There are a couple of places that obviously need outer corners, the type of corners that ultimately need a 45° mitre. But I hate 45° mitre joints. They are okay in small pieces of wood, e.g. frames, but on a 7¼ × ¾ things never go well. I tried making one joint, and because the board had an ever-so-slight warp, it just didn’t mesh well – and it doesn’t take much to get out of alignment slightly. In all that are just a pain – and large mitres can’t realistically be done by hand (I’ve tried). So my alternative is to join the board with  ¾×¾ corner piece, dowelled in place. Now, yes, it is more work, but there are no unsightly gaps to be filled in because the 45° faces don’t align 100%.

It turns out some of the poplar is spalted as well… not something you see too often.



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