An interesting honing guide

Sometimes you find things just by accident. I downloaded the latest copy of Australian Wood Review, and there was a review of a honing guide made in Australia. Over the last few years there have been a bunch of tools that have appeared, designed and manufactured in Australia. There include HNT Gordon & Co., and Colen Clenton marking out tools. I bought tools from both toolmakers in the late 1990s, so it’s nice to see they have flourished. This honing guide comes from Henry Eckert Toolworks, and is manufactured in Adelaide. These are modelled on the old Eclipse guides, but are manufactured using “solid cast gunmetal bronze, marine grade stainless steel and brass”. It looks like an amazing tool, (selling for C$133), well designed, with three different clamping jaws to accommodate chisels and plane blades as small as 3mm (1/8″).


It looks like a nice competitor to the other two major players on the market: the Veritas Mark II honing guide, and Lie-Nielsen’s honing guide. Both have pros and cons – the Veritas guide sometimes seems overly complex, and the LN guide can get expensive as more guide jaws are added. This honing guide is well designed, and seems like a quality product, that harks back to a more simple design. They also sell an angle setting jig to help easily set up blades for sharpening.




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