Tools of the Trades – fall 2018 roundup

Yesterday was the fall Tools of the Trades show. It was weird because the crowds that were at previous shows just didn’t seem to appear, and by noon it was pretty quiet. I didn’t really see a lot of block planes of any interest, a few Stanley No.18/19’s with the original knuckle lever cap. There were a lot of vintage axes and hatchets, and seemingly a few stalls with a lot of somewhat rusty items, and a few very overpriced sets of Swedish chisels in not so great condition.

A whole bunch of nice, reasonably priced Stanley and Record planes from the U.K. (Britools)

I spent two hours there but didn’t really see anything much that caught my fancy. I bought two small pieces, a Record No. 76 bullnose plane, and a¬†Sargent V.B.M. No.3426 transitional bench plane. The latter is quiet unique, and I will write a post on that later in the week. Finding unique block planes is starting to get challenging, as the variety seems to be diminishing. There were a bunch of cool bench vises, and the usual assortment of good quality Stanley bench planes at reasonable prices. There were also good quality Japanese tools (albeit expensive) that include chisels, saws, and planes.

Now *that* is a chisel (3-4″ wide).



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