Exploring British planemakers

If you are looking at exploring British planemakers, I previously mentioned W.L. Goodman’s “British Planemakers from 1700” as a good resource. I have a copy of the 2nd ed. (1978) and on the weekend I managed to buy a battered copy of the 3rd ed. (1993) for $20. A bargain considering third editions run at US$350 online. The first edition (1968) is almost impossible to find. The 3rd edition, expanded by Jane and Mark Rees is a massive 514 pages, compared to the 182 pages of the 2nd edition.


The book contains a extensive amount of new information – planemakers history, and makers marks, and trademarks. Below is an example of a page from the 3rd edition. It contains 1650 makers and dealers, as opposed to the 880 in the second edition. There are ample versions of the 2nd ed. at reasonable prices, but the 3rd ed. is out of print, so if you find this copy somewhere for a reasonable price, snap it up!


Book info:

  • William Louis Goodman, British Planemakers from 1700, D. McKay Co. (1969)
  • W.L. Goodman, British Planemakers from 1700 (2nd ed.), Arnold and Walker (1978)
  • W.L. Goodman (author), Jane and Mark Rees (rev.), British Planemakers from 1700, (3rd ed.), Astragal Press (1993)

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