Type of sharpening?

Water stones, and diamond stones.

How many tools are too many?

This is a fine line – are there ever too many planes? When you loose count – you probably have too many.

Are the new Woodriver “Bedrock” style Planes a blatant rip off of a Lie-Nielsen?


Are the new Stanley Sweetheart Planes worth it?


Should I make a tool or buy it?

Make a plane? Sure why not, it’s a great experience. Make a saw? A bit more challenging.

Buy new or vintage?

Depends? Are you collecting the tools or using them? In some cases a new tool is more worthwhile.

$2000 planes – a wise investment?

If you want to buy a beautiful handcrafted plane then by all means. Are you going to use it?

Smoothers: Bevel up or bevel down?

Bevel down work really nicely.

Should I sharpen my kitchen knife?

Sure, why not – use a waterstone.

How flat does the bottom of my plane have to be?

Flat enough.

Japanese vs Western whatever (chisels, planes,etc)

Again, depends on what you like to use. I have some Japanese tools, and lots of Western ones.

Best hand-made saws?

Bad Axe.

Should I restore this plane?

How badly deteriorated is it? Heavy corrosion? – forget it, unless it is a rare plane.


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