Who am I? My name is Mike. I live in Toronto, Canada. I cook, I renovate, I build, I read. I’m a rhykenologist, which means I collect woodworking planes. And other woodworking tools – and I restore them. I also collect cookbooks, but there doesn’t seem to be a good word for that. Maybe I’m a culinarian?



I like model trains, although that’s more of a winter hobby. Only N scale, and mostly trains from Germany and Switzerland. I read mostly historical mystery and some thrillers… and lots of non-fiction from travel books to design, woodworking, crafts.

This blog focuses mostly on things that are made by hand, travel, maybe some reviews, recipes.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. michaellangford2012 says:

    We definitely have a common interest in planes. I’ve been restoring and using woodworking tools for about thirty years, really like old coffin smoothers. Have you ever run across a sort of rabbet plane called an Up-to-Date? It’s a cast aluminum body with an L-shaped cutter, actually very useful for adjusting door hinge mortices. I’m trying to find one for a friend. thanks, M

  2. Mike D says:


    Great topics and a fascinating read. I actually found you through a post you made on another site regarding a deck you built. I would love to have an offline email chat about that experience.

    (also) Mike.

  3. Gary Roberts says:

    Great blog! Instead of sleeping, I spent a good hour or more reading through your posts. To be sure, I’ve added a link on my browser to keep up to date on your words.

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