Woodworking Links

Woodworking blogs

The English Woodworker – techniques, videos, etc.
giant Cypress – Japanese woodworking
Praire Artisan Woodshop – Great Roubo workbench build
Høvelbenk – Nordic blog about tools, woodworking, boatbuilding (great site)

Lumber Links (CANADA)

Legacy Lumber – logs, boules, slabs (Erin, Ontario)
Exotic Woods – Everything you could imagine lumber-wise (Burlington, Ontario)
The Wood Shed – Lumber, lumber and more lumber (Smithville, Ontario)
Old Schoolhouse Mill – Live edge slabs (Caledon, Ontario)

Tool Restoration Blogs

time tested tools – tool restoration tutorials
Restoring a hand saw – a process

Type Studies and Tool INFO

Millers Falls eggbeater drills
galootopia – a compendium of info, esp. on Swedish chisels.
Norris Planes – dedicated to Norris style planes

Tool Stores

The Best Things
Peck Tools
Dieter Schmid Fine Tools (Germany)
Highland Woodworking (USA)
Dictum (Germany)
Hand Eye Supply (USA)
Wood ‘N Wildcraft (Canada) – carving tools, Pfeil
Big Bear Tools (Canada) – Japanese saws, axes, pruners
AI and OM Knives – Japanese tools (Canada)

Research resources

Norsk Folkemuseum – Digital Museum (eg. kiste = chest, Høvel = plane)
The Metropolitan Museum of Art – Digital archive (e.g. furniture, chests)

4 thoughts on “Woodworking Links

  1. Dick Levy says:

    Are there any existing pictures or illustrations of the Knapp 7” Block plane?

    I have a plane with a large wooden rear knob, a screw type lever cap, an unmarked blade , and original cast markings on the bed too corroded to read I’ve been told it’s a Knapp but would like to get confirmation

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