Modern Tool Makers

Here is a list of hand tool makers which I will try and keep updated.


Here is a list of current planemakers (not including Lee Valley or Lie-Nielsen). (All websites are OK as of June 2016)

Hand Sculptors Tools

Hand Tool Makers

Saw Makers





People that led the resurgence in plane-making, as described in Garrett Hack’s “The Handplane Book“.

  • Ted Ingraham – wooden molding planes
  • Leon Robbins – specialty wooden planes, founder of Crown Planes.
  • Jeff Warshafsky (Reed Plane Company) – modern Norris planes.
  • Jamestown Tool Company (Jay Gaynor and Joseph Hutchins) British style planes.


Over the years, some interesting planemakers have come into the market. What is surprising is how quickly they seemed to have disappeared into the ether. The tell-tale sign is always the website becoming in-accessible.

  • Shepherd Tool (2000-2006) – well known for its infill plane kits.
  • Gabardi & Sons (?-2011) – handmade infill planes.
  • Sturnella Tools (2013-2014) – infill smoothing plane castings. (
  • Nice Ash Planes (2012-2014?) – nice wooden planes. (
  • Knight Toolworks (? – 2012) – Krenov-style wooden plane kits.
  • DL Barrett & Sons – traditional wooden planes (bench and plough) (Canada) (website defunct as  of Jan 2016)
  • Anderson Planes – traditional style infill planes (US). (defunct 2020)
  • Space Age Plane Co. – handmade planes (US) (defunct 2020)
  • Ashantilly Toolworks – wooden and infill planes (US) (defunct 2020)

Note the trend amongst infill plane makers to end up closing up shop. It is probably due to the high cost in manufacturing these planes – or being overwhelmed with orders (which is also not so uncommon).


  • Adria Saws -handsaws (
  • Woodjoy Tools – layout tools, spokeshaves, bowsaws (US) (defunct 2020)

NB: If the website for a toolmaker no longer functions, I consider the company to be defunct – if it functions again at some later date, I will move the link.