The block planes of superheroes (x) – GM Co. Man.

This is again an odd little plane, it seems geared again towards to hobbyist, and in many ways mimics the Stanley 10, although in pressed steel. This plane is from the G. M. Co. Manufacturing Inc., a company from Long Island City, NY (est. 1929). The company seems to be most “famous” for their 1954 patent for a combination hammer-wrench tool (No.D172,968) – which we all know is never a good idea.

They ran ads from 1948-53 in Popular Mechanics for their attachment which converted a ¼” drill to ½” capacity.

It seems a number of their tools hand the word “unbreakable” stamped on them, which may put a theme that relates to the development of this plane.

The plane is marked with “MADE IN USA G.M.Co MFG. INC. L.I. CITY, N.Y.”. The finger well normally found on the front of cast planes has been replaced with a hatched circular region stamped into the body surface. There seems to have been different versions of this plane, some with different types of rivets for the two cross-bars. On some planes the finger depression has a raised circular edge, filled with texture.

Finger well.
The rear logo.

I first thought it seemed quite robust, made of thicker steel than the average pressed plane. This version of the plane has a blade which is askew, because the body seems bent out of shape. It almost seems as if it was constructed in this manner, with the cross-pins misaligned, because the sole is flat.

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